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OpenSesame 3.0.0 will bring amazing new features! Curious? Take it for a test spin, and help us iron out the kinks.

Development snapshots

If you want to have the latest features and don’t mind potential instability, you can grab the latest experimental source code.


Pre-release packages

Pre-release packages are created occasionally, especially as an official release draws near. Windows packages and source archives can be found here

Ubuntu users can obtain the latest pre-release through the opensesame-next PPA.

The latest source code

Using the GitHub website

The easiest way to obtain the latest snapshot, is by going to and clicking on the “Downloads” button (make sure you select one of the links at the top, not the previous releases that are listed below).

Using git

Alternatively, you can use git to grab the latest source with the following command:

git clone git://

By default, you will be in the master branch, which contains semi-stable code. For even more experimental code, you can switch to the playground branch, with the following command:

git checkout playground

Running the snapshot

Once you have obtained the source code, you can run it as described here.