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Release notes for 0.27.4

OpenSesame 0.27.4 is the fourth maintenance release in the 0.27 'Frisky Freud' series, and was released on September 13 2013. If you are upgrading from 0.26, please read the 0.27 release notes.

New features and enhancements:

  • Chinese translation (zh_CN), contributed by Zhongquan Li and Gabriel Chan
  • HTML parsing is now optional in sketchpad items

Bugs fixed:

  • Prevent key names like '[1]' to avoid variable errors
  • Fix color keyword argument in canvas.arrow()
  • Fix advanced_delay plugin to work with Unicode
  • Intercept psychopy.core.quit() to prevent PsychoPy from killing OpenSesame
  • Also prepare empty canvas objects in xpyriment backend
  • Fix many missing icons with gnome theme under Linux
  • Fix a bug where self was not properly registered in the run phase of inline_script items

Windows packaging:

  • All dependencies have been updated to most recent version
  • PyGame has been downgraded to 1.9.1 to prevent mouse issues
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