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PyGaze offers experimental support for Tobii eye trackers. The tobii-research package can be installed through pip, but at the time of writing it requires a specific version of Python—and which version of Python it requires varies from release to release. Therefore, the first step is to find out which version of Python you need. You can do that by visiting the tobii-research on PyPi and clicking on 'Download files':

From the file names, you can tell which version of Python you need; for example, the cp310 in the name tobii_research-1.10.2-cp310-cp310-win_amd64.whl means that you need Python 3.10 (cp stands for C-Python).

Next, install OpenSesame in a Python environment of the correct version (so Python 3.10 for version 1.10.2 of tobii-research as shown above). This most easily done using Anaconda, as described here. Finally, install the tobii-research package into this Python environment.

!pip install tobii-research

For more information, see:

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