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Inline JavaScript

The inline_javascript item works similarly to the regular inline_script item, except that it runs JavaScript instead of Python code. The functionality is also more limited.

  • You can get and set experimental variables using the vars object, which works similarly to the var object in Python.
  • You can print debug messages with console.log(). On the desktop, these messages will appear in the debug window. In a browser, they will appear in the browser console (see the Debugging section in OSWeb).
  • You cannot create Canvas, Keyboard objects, etc.
  • The JavaScript workspace is not persistent. That is, if you define a variable in one script, it will not be accessible in another script. Exceptions are the vars object and other variables that are globally available in JavaScript (e.g. window).
  • When running on the desktop (i.e. in a window rather than in a browser), JavaScript is executed using Js2Py, which supports ECMAScript 5.1, an outdates version of JavaScript. This limitation does not apply when you test the experiment in a browser, in which case you can use the version of JavaScript that is supported by the browser, which is generally ECMA 6.


if (vars.subject_nr % 2 == 0) {
  vars.target_color = 'blue'
} else {
  vars.target_color = 'red'
console.log('target_color = ' + vars.target_color)
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