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File format (.osexp)

The .osexp format

OpenSesame experiments are saved in .osexp format. What a .osexp file is depends on whether there are files included with the experiment, that is, whether or not the file pool is empty.

If the file pool is empty

If the file pool is empty, the experiment is saved as a plain-text file. This file is utf-8 encoded and uses Unix-style line endings. You can edit and view this file in most text editors.

The OpenSesame-script syntax is described here:

If the file pool is not empty

If there are files in the file pool, the experiment is saved as a .tar.gz file, which is a .zip-like file format. Within this file, you will find the following:

  • script.opensesame is the experimental script, in the same format as described above
  • pool/ is a folder that contains all the files in the file pool. Any non-ascii characters in the file names are replaced by U+XXXX strings.

What happened to the .opensesame and .opensesame.tar.gz formats?

You can still open the .opensesame and .opensesame.tar.gz format, which was used for OpenSesame <= 2.9.X. However, you can no longer save experiments in this format.

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