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Requires OSWeb v1.4.6.1

About WebGazer

WebGazer.js is an eye-tracking library written in JavaScript. You can include it with OSWeb to perform eye tracking in online experiments.

Including WebGazer.js in the experiment

WebGazer.js is not bundled with OSWeb by default. However, you can include it as an external library by entering a link to webgazer.js under External JavaScript libraries. Currently, a functional link is:

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Example experiment

Below you can download an example experiment that uses WebGazer.js. Participants are first asked to click on and look at a set of dots; this will cause WebGazer.js to automatically perform something akin to a calibration procedure. Next, the experiment shows a simple screen to test the accuracy of gaze-position recording. In general, fine-grained eye tracking is not feasible, but you can tell which quadrant of the screen a participant is looking at. To run this experiment, you need include WebGazer.js in the experiment, as described above.

You can also launch the experiment directly in the browser:

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